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Grand Street Campus Wolves

Grand Street Campus students compete together in the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) as the Wolves. The athletic program at the Grand Street Campus supports the academic mission of the school. GSC sets the highest expectations for its coaches and student-athletes. We promote athletics that provide lifelong learning experiences to student-athletes.
The Grand Street Sports Complex consists of six gymnasiums, a state of the art fitness center and a football/soccer/baseball/softball field. A complete running track facility is also available.

Required Athletic Paperwork

​Any student who is interested in PSAL athletics must first submit the following forms to their coach:
  • PSAL Parent Consent                                                       
  • PSAL Medical Form​                                                      
All forms must be originals (faxes and copies are not acceptable)
For additional guidance, please click on Guidelines for PSAL forms.
Team Coach
  • Baseball Boys Varsity
Melvin Martinez
  • Basketball Boys Varsity
Edwin Gonzalez
  • Basketball Girls Jr. Varsity
Danielle Lapolla
  • Basketball Girls Varsity
Corey Mcfarlane
  • Football Boys Jr. Varsity
Jorge Alvarez
  • Football Boys Varsity
Laron Blake
  • Handball Boys Varsity
Danielle Lapolla
  • Handball Girls Varsity
Corey Mcfarlane
  • Outdoor Track Girls
Jorge Alvarez
  • Soccer Boys Varsity
Luis Ceja
  • Soccer Girls Varsity
Andre Lamy
  • Volleyball Boys Varsity
Edwin Gonzalez
  • Volleyball Girls Varsity
Yolanda Rivera
  • Volleyball Girls Jr. Varsity
Nicholas Bartomeo
  • Wrestling Boys Varsity
Stephen Perez
Grand Street Campus
850 Grand Street Brooklyn NY 11211
718 384-1702
Athletic Director
Johnny Chavez