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Mouse Squad

MOUSE squad simulates a help desk environment where students will learn to troubleshoot IT-related issues. Get familiar with using a help desk ticketing system and learn about the latest tech. This after-school program is designed to teach students about fixing different devices as official technicians. Students will be tasked with various repair tickets that will lead them to a room in the school where a faculty member will need assistance. This program is curriculum-based, meaning students will have assignments where they must provide feedback to receive word-based learning hours.

The title of this role will be Level 1 desktop support technician. Responsibilities include:

Creating and closing repair tickets
Provide technology support to faculty
Resolve software/hardware issues
Keeping up to date with the latest technology
Being patient and remaining professional
What we are looking for
Students should be professional. Make sure each member is mature and will be a good face for our squad.
Each student should be academically healthy. This is a curriculum-based program, so the students cannot lag behind the others. They must keep up to date on their assignment and should be able to balance it with their schoolwork.
They need to have a love for technology and should be aspiring to acquire a career in IT.
They must have completed the IT essentials course and should have a basic understanding of Windows, Microsoft Office, and computer hardware.
Students should have proper documentation proving citizenship and identity. They will need to complete an I9 form to complete the onboarding process. (I9 document can be found online)
The Challenge
The idea of MOUSE squad is to educate students on common technological issues throughout the school building. Faculty will have access to submit help desk tickets to the squad where the students would acknowledge each one. The students are partnered up to figure out the issue. During afterschool, they would be sent to the room where the fix is needed, and they will use the expertise taught throughout the program to correct these issues.