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The Daily EBT Update for Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014!

Club Announcements
-Poetry Club meets today at 4:00 in room 420!

-Anime Club meets today during periods 9 & 10 in room 424!

School Wide Announcements

-Regularly sessions of Saturday School begin Saturday, May 3rd. Although many students will be programmed for Saturday School, it is open to all students who would like to review course material in math, science, social studies and English.

-Please be advised that the exam English Language Learners take each year to determine their ESL level (beginner, intermediate, advanced or proficient) will be administered beginning Wednesday, April 9 with the speaking portion. We will begin the other sections (listening, reading and writing) on May 5 and will end by May 16. Your attendance and best effort is required.  For an informational guide and practice questions in English or Spanish, please see this link:  Let's see how much your English has improved!

-The 16th annual EBT student art exhibition in the ebt student art gallery in 
in the 460 complex. The exhibition runs through May 30. It features the best art from the Fall semester.

-NHS is also fundraising for World AIDS Society and selling patches to make a quilt to be displayed in the hall. Small, medium and large patches are being sold at $1, $2, and $3 each, respectively.

-NHS is also taking canned food and non perishables for the NYC Food Bank. Drop off boxes are in the College Office room 423!

Junior Announcements
-Juniors, the deadline for the June SAT and June ACT is May 9.

-Junior Interviews have begun! The schedule is posted outside of the College Office, room 423 and will continue until June. This is were we will discuss the entire college application process and you will receive your deadlines for senior year. If you cannot make your scheduled time please see Ms. Arroyo immediately to reschedule.

Senior Announcements
Seniors, please bring in copies of all accepted letters and financial aid award packages and bring them to Ms. Arroyo.

-The amount owed for senior dues is $250.00. The full amount was due April 1st, but I will accept late payments. Please pay as soon as possible though. See Ms. Meloni during 6th or 7th period in room 420 or 8th or 9th period in room 416A.

-Senior Prom is scheduled for June 13th at Grand Prospect Hall from 7:00pm until 12 midnight. Flyers are up, permission slips are being distributed, and tickets are being sold :) Please try to put down a down payment by the end of March. See Meloni with questions.

-Graduation is on June 26th at 1:00pm in the school auditorium.

Note: If you miss the announcements, they can be found on! Any faculty that want to put in a request for an announcement should have it approved by their respective AP and then submit it via the Google Form that has been sent out.
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