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The Daily EBT Update for Friday, March 27th, 2015!
“It's amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.” ― John GuareLandscape of the Body

Club Announcements

- No clubs meet today

School Wide Announcements

- Parent Teacher Conferences will take place today, Friday, March 27th, from 12:30pm to 2:50pm!

-The 17th Annual EBT Student Art Exhibition is now open in the 460 Gallery complex. The show features work from the past two semesters of EBT art classes.  The show runs until May 4.
-Free college course available to juniors and seniors. 80 transcript average and 75 or higher on English regents. Come to the College Office periods 4 or 6 for an application or refer to email with attached application sent weeks ago.

- Uniform policy is in full effect and must be worn every day!

Senior Announcements

- If you missed the representative from Josten's for a Senior class ring, you can still log on to www.jostens.com or see Meloni for a catalog!

- If you won a Most Likely category and have NOT had your picture taken for it yet, see Conway ASAP.

- College office is open periods 4 and 6. Senior interviews are by appointment only.

- A letter detailing information about dues, senior trip and senior prom went out on Wednesday, September 24th. If you need one, please see Meloni in 422.

- Senior dues collection is still in progress! If you pay between today and Wednesday, April 1st, the cost is $250.00. Personal check or money order only, please (personal checks up until March). Payments may be made in installments. See Meloni during 4th (only if you have lunch!), 6th (only if you have lunch!), or 9th period in room 422.

- Senior Prom!! It's scheduled for Wednesday, June 3rd at Giando on the Water! Total cost is $95.00 per person (same price for EBT student or outside guest) and money will be collected through April. See Meloni for permission slips! Personal check or money order only, please (personal checks up until March). Payments may be made in installments.

- Senior Prom - Theme for Senior Prom is Modern Enchantment! The favor voted on at the Senior Assembly is an elephant ear flute or colossal mug!

- Graduation is scheduled for June 26, 2015, starting at 9:00am!

Note: Any faculty that want to put in a request for an announcement should have it approved by their respective AP and then submit it via the Google Form: http://url.ebtbrooklyn.com/announce