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Simple Protocols for using Snapgrades for TEACHERS

Download Instruction Sheet for Parents

Download Instruction Sheet for Students

1) Visit
2) Click SNAPGRADES on the left menu.
3) Click the third tab TEACHER/ADMIN

Once you login, these are the most important elements on Snapgrades that you should be familiar with.

4) For third period teacher, look at the referrals that you have received by Clicking LOG

    a) Remind students who have detention in your third period class.

5)Take Attendance –

a) Click ROLL on the top menu
b) Click Once for Absent
c) Click Twice for Late
d) If you also individually click E (Excused Absence) or O (Out for School Trip) or C (Cut if you saw them in the hallway but not your class)

6) Setup your Students and Look up phone numbers –
a) Click SETUP on the top menu
c) Next to the phone numbers, write down “WORKS” or “NOBODY PICKS UP” so every staff knows which are the working phone numbers. If you know email addresses, feel free to put those in.

7) Keep a record on the student for only EBT Staff to see
a) Click STUDENT on the top menu
b) On the pull down menu where it says “Comments for Student/Parents” choose “NOTES FOR STAFF ONLY”
c) Write down your log on the student that could benefit every staff or counselors.
d) The format for the log must be – Date – Comment – Staff Name

For example:

10/22/10 – John is very visual in nature – Jamal
10/23/10 – John is more focused in the front of the room -Irikura

8) Refer the student to Counselor, Dean, AP, Principal
a) When you first login, you will see the referrals made on the students in your 3rd period classes by other teachers.
b) To refer students yourself click LOG on the top menu
c) Click on the student on the left side that you wish to refer
d) Check the options that apply to the particular student
e) Write a detailed description of what happened (You have the option to email this to the parent in the bottom if you check “Email Parent” and if Parent’s email is in the database)
f) Under staff notes, you write the information related to the incident that you only want Staff to see.
g) Under REFER TO, choose Counselor or Dean or AP or Principal based on who you want to refer the student to.

8) Checking to see which students are using Snapgrades and to give them and their parents passwords.
a) Click INFO
c) You can see how many times students are logging in and when was the last time that they logged in.
d) If the student forgets the password, you can change it by clicking RESET
e) Those students who have RESET but have never logged in, please help them login by resetting their password and giving them the temporary password so they can login and track their progress at EBT.

9) Student Detention Policy

a) Teachers will hand in pink slip to the student, Yellow slip to the Deans office for them to review the detentions assigned. 
b) Detention staff inputs detention information into Snapgrades everyday. They also track students who are skipping detention, which the third period teacher and the counselor will be made aware of.

c) Detention staff will create a NEW referral and check (Detention/Pre-suspension) for students who owe excessive detentions (5 or more) and refuse to serve their detentions.

d) Detention staff will indicate (Date) under SERVED column for students who served their detention.

e) Dean staff needs to comment on the outcome for the Detention/Pre-suspension students. For example - Met with parents with date with an outcome. 

Snapgrades Manual with Videos (Teachers)

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