Textbook and Equipment Inventory on Jupitergrades

posted Aug 5, 2012, 8:36 AM by Parvez Jamal   [ updated Aug 5, 2012, 8:48 AM ]
Dear EBT Colleagues,
In order to improve our inventory for the upcoming year, we will be taking advantage of the Equipment and Textbook Inventory feature of Jupitergrades. This will allow you to check out books or equipments to students or other staff and check them in when the person returns the item. Please note that Book Receipts must also be filled out and we recommend that you keep a physical print out of all of your inventory so that we can better manage and track our equipments. 

Here is the help section of Jupitergrades to help you learn how to do the Inventory through Jupitergrades -

Textbooks & Equipment

You can keep track of textbooks, projectors, computers, and any other assets. Teachers see the Info > Textbooks & Equipment screen; admins see theSetup > Textbooks & Equipment screen. (Requires a paid license. This feature is not intended for libraries. There is a separate feature to assign Lockers.)

New Inventory

Before you can check out textbooks and equipment to students and staff, you must first enter it as new inventory: Change the pop-up menu to "New Book" or "New Equipment". Each item must have a title, like "Fahrenheit 451" or "LCD Projector", and an inventory number, which may include letters, like 014-A. You can add optional information like the condition (new, damaged, etc.), replacement cost, and storage location. Also you can import serial numbers by copying and pasting a list from a spreadsheet or text document.

The "Inventory" screen lists each item so you can see what is available, where it is currently located, and who has it checked out. Click any items on this screen to edit or delete them. Admins can print the inventory on the Reports screen.

To add more books or items to an existing inventory, like when purchasing more copies of a textbook, add it as New inventory with the exact same title. (If the title is slightly different, it will be listed separately. But you can edit it to correct the title to merge the inventories together.)

By default all items are considered school property, but teachers may opt to enter their private collections so that other teachers cannot see them. (Note: Admins can see and edit private collections in Admin Mode, but private collections are excluded from the printed reports.)

Check Out / In

Teachers, click the "Check Out" button to check out items. Set the menu to "Students" to check out items to specific students, like textbooks. (There are spaces for you to check out extra copies to keep in the classroom.) Or select "Teacher" to check out items for yourself or your class in general, like projectors or reference books. To check in items, check the "Check In" checkbox, and optionally update the condition, or flag it as "Missing" or "Needs Repair".

To check out an extra copy to a student, like a loaner textbook, click "Check Out" and replace their regular textbook # with the loaner #. This will add to what they already have checked out, not replace it, so on the "Check In" screen you'll see both copies listed. When the student returns the loaner, it's best to "Check Out" the item to yourself, so that way it's still listed as one of your extras, not back in storage.

Admins, to check items out or in, click them on the "Inventory" screen. Items can be checked out to staff members and/or students. You can also restrict teachers from checking out certain items, like laptop computers, so that only an admin with the A3permission can check it out or adjust the inventory. This option is available when you create a new item or edit it.

If a teacher forgets to check in an item, teachers and admins can override that.

To see which students have not turned in their textbooks or other equipment, teachers can look at the Textbooks & Equipment screen and set the menu for "This class only" or "All my students". Also admins can print a report for the whole school or any selected student on the Reports screen.


The same book appears with different titles

Teachers might accidentally enter books with slightly different titles, like "Tom Sawyer" versus "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". You can edit the item to correct the title, and they will be merged together.

Some items don't appear on the Check Out screen.

Each item must have an inventory, otherwise it appears as ??? and you cannot check it out. Edit the item to give it an inventory number."