Went to EBT? Share your EBT Stories..

Notable Responses from EBT Alumni

Julia Buckner - Graduated from EBT in 2005
I am in the United States Army serving my country since '09 and I absolutely love it!

I am grateful to have gone to a school such as EBT. The teachers are highly motivated and are more than determined to give EVERYTHING they know to the students. I would love to acknowledge my top teachers and thank them, Mrs. Hyeyoung Chon, Mr. Kenneth McLaughlin and Mrs. Monica Humphrey to name a few.. This school definitely has a lot to offer and many successful, entrepreneurs will be born from it. 

Jennifer Colon - Graduated from EBT in 2005
I had a wonderful time here and I met many people who inspired me and helped to shape my life. I would definitely like to give a shout out to the band, of which I was one of the first members when it was created, and to Kristen Mozeiko for providing an opportunity for teenagers to create music at the school.

I graduated from SUNY Potsdam and now I'm a certified teacher for grades Pre-K through 6th grade. I will soon be attending SUNY Potsdam to finish my Master's degree in Educational Technology.